wish list {birthday edition}

with my birthday coming up right around the corner(july 6), I thought it was a perfect time to update my wishlist. {this is really not very subtle, right?}

{lovely, lovely}

love this by my kindred spirit Emily at Fern and Flora.

The best part about it (besides that lovely layer of swiss dot fabric}

is that it is a headband, and a clip and a pin!

You can wear this so many different ways.

by another denver company Barberry and Lace

or this scent looks to be lovely as well

{i am such a sucker for a good name and fab packaging!}

good stuff right?


fernandflora said...

Love your birthday wish list! Thanks for including a piece of mine. You're always such good advertising for me!

Love that necklace from Anthro too... and paper and cotton. I just thought about that fragrance today actually... xo

koralee said...

Oh yes my sweet friend...these are perfect for a birthday celebration. We will be flying to Disneyland on your birthday...I will think of you in the air! xoxoxo HUGS

Anonymous said...

Wish I was coming out to celebrate but I know you will have fun with the rest of the family! Have a great time!
love and hugs