{summertime love via pinterest}

Well, it seems that summer is officially here.

It has been hot and sunny here in Denver. and it is almost July. Cannot believe that!
here is some summertime inspiration via pinterest.

{source} Love these summer pastels.
{source} where is this vintage station wagon going? I wanna know!

we had a few station wagons growing up. My favorite place

on a trip was in the special fold up seat in the way back, reading a book.

{source} how lovely would this view be?

On a beach, with a cold drink in hand?

{source} a clam bake? yes please.
Summer just doesn't have the same meaning as an adult. Oh to be a kid again.


koralee said...

Happy Summer..just went and followed you on pinterest...don't you just love it! Hugs.

fernandflora said...

Dreamy dreamy! I love all your summer pics! The photo of the crabs takes me back to my summer trip to Maryland when I was 16 and we went out for crabs and they pile them so high on newspaper and you just go to town. Sigh.... Delish