{something new}



well it is time to make some lifestyle changes. This last week I had a knee injury and it is a wake up call to get myself into gear and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Now if I only had a private chef and a personal trainer! The good news is that there are so many resources out there on the www and that is amazing in itself.

I am not going to start a blog about it and am not going to promise regular posts on this blog but from time to time, I will be posting about what is going on with this change I am trying to make.

few positives:

1.Summer is a great time to start with all the fresh produce, farmers markets and activities that are around.

2. I have been working out since December and that is a great thing in itself. I cannot say it has been totally regular but you have to start somewhere, right? {thanks em}

3. I have a great support team.

so here's to something new!



koralee said...

Hugs my friend...sorry to hear about your injury. xoxo

T's Daily Treasures said...

I had knee surgery when I was in 8th grade and have had knee problems ever since so I am very careful with the type of workouts I do. I totally changed my eating habits and started working out 6 years ago, lost 30 lbs and have maintained the healthy eating and my weight. Walking is the easiest thing for me to do. I'm not one for workouts. Weight bearing exercises are a must for women. And the other nite on The Doctors I saw a 90 year old woman who teaches yoga and her strength was amazing. She could hold a plank better than any of the doctors on the show. Her advice for life was simply BREATHE! Best wishes to you, Tammy

fernandflora said...

Yes! Good for you friend! You know I'm with ya all the way! And I love the "be kind to yourself" poster and that gorgeous salad!

Emily said...

My mom found out last week that she has to have her knee replaced this fall. I don't want to be in that place later in my life, even though I already have significant knee damage from a motorcycle crash. I'm here anytime you need to talk! You are gorgeous inside and out! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Love this post Kara! I would eat that salad for lunch today if I could!! It is good to have good friends throughout all of life! You know you have some good ones and I'm blessed to be your friend and sister!
Kimberly S.