{cupcakes and strawberries and a special wish}

Last weekend I was in my hometown with my family for the holiday weekend. My sister's birthday was coming up so we decided to make cupcakes.
My dad and I started the process making simple cupcakes from a white cake mix that was in the pantry. My mom came home and added almond extract to the mix and made the frosting. {yum} She also suggested we use a small vintage cake pan to make a small cake that you see in the middle. It came out so cute!


My niece Colette who is oh so chic wanted to use my origami cupcake sticks that I had with me
and I thought we could use fresh strawberries to garnish the other half of the cupcakes.
She and I took turns frosting the cupcakes and I have to say, she and I had so much fun and I think we did a rather good job. {my 11 yr old niece took a lot of the photos too. I say she is on her way to being a lifestyle expert} We also had an impromptu photo shoot for my strawberry birthday notes. We had a lovely afternoon.

Oh and the cupcakes turned out to be quite delish.


Happy Birthday to my sister, who celebrates tomorrow, June 4. I love you Kim and you bring so much laughter and happiness to my life. I love the time we get to spend together and wish you the happiest of birthdays.


Have a great weekend everyone!


London Cupcakes said...

Hi Kara,

Great article - do you have any tips on time management when running a cupcake business?

fernandflora said...

Sweet, sweet post. Happy Birthday Kim!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kara!
We had a great time and I love that we were able to celebrate together. love you!
see you soon!

fee @ chipper nelly said...

Hey - thanks for visiting me (I see we share some blogging pals!)
Off to take a look at your blog - the washing can wait!
fee x
(I love my sister too - how lucky are we?)

koralee said...

Adorable...everyone helped out..so sweet. xoxo HUGS

Libbie said...

That sounds like the perfect afternoon with everyone chipping in! You are right...They are quite lovely Kara!!!