{little snippets of today}

Lately I haven't been the best blogger. At all. I had a big show a few weeks ago and am still trying to recover. Work and life have also made things busy so that takes priority I guess!

I had a hair appointment last night and my stylist thought I had abandoned her because it had been so long. I just have been so busy that months went by without a hair cut. Let me tell you, I feel like a new person today! I must go to the stylist every three months. I just simply must.

I have new items I want to add to my shop, but haven't had time. I have custom orders to get done too. I cannot believe how fast time has been flying It has been quite a hectic year and I am so looking forward to a couple of simple summer months.

That's about all for me today. The little painting above from Janet Hill Studio is so lovely. it inspired me today with it sweetness. It seems to capture a moment in time for a crafter or creative soul.

Hope all is well with all of you!



Anonymous said...

Just found your blog and I love it!
You just got a new follower!

Come and take a peek and join my give-away if you like

koralee said...

Life is busy my sweet friend....hope you can put up your feet this weekend. Hugs. xoxoxo

fernandflora said...

I hear ya sister! Always lovely to see a post from you. TGIF!

paperbird said...

always so lovely to visit here :-)