{oh oprah}

today marks the end of an era. Oh Oprah, why must you leave us? I know she isn't really leaving but i will miss her coming on with fun, truth, wisdom everyday at 4 pm.

I watched yesterday as over 400 men that she sent to Morehouse honored her by surrounding her with candles in a dark room while the song "For Good" was sung by Kristen Chenowith from the play Wicked. Oh my. What a display of one of the many ways she has touched our lives.

A line from the song "For Good" stood out to me.

"because I knew you I have been changed for good "

how amazing it must feel to be honored the way she was, and still be alive. It's a wonderful thing.

I won't be able to watch later today without shedding tears- This much I know for sure, as O would say. Goodbye to the Oprah show. Cannot wait to see what happens next.

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fernandflora said...

Hard to believe, isn't it?? I'm not as faithful a follower as you, but got choked up while watching the finale myself. :)

Anonymous said...

I haven't watched her in over a decade cause I have had four kids and teach during her show time but it is amazing how long she was on and how much she helped so many people. I still remember trying to go to her show back in 1988 and although we didn't get in...we still felt like we tried and really were excited to be so near to her studio! Time goes so fast!
Kimberly S.