{ a horseshoe weekend}

Horseshoe Market this past weekend.

It was a full market with over 110 vendors. It turned out

to be a very warm day, for May. We had a

great day and cannot wait to do it again in August and October.


pretty in pink, and red and yellow and orange.

Can you see my new strawberry design on the table?

pinks. reds. yellows and a little orange. so sweet.

greens and blues.

here comes the bride

chandelier cupcake sticks
beautiful neutral accessories. Love.

coming soon to my etsy shop:
lots of cupcake sticks, gift tags and new designs
perfect for Spring and Summer.
Can you say Strawberries and Cherries?
see you around.


fernandflora said...

So so pretty! You girls ROCKED this. Bravo. Thanks for all you did! Love this post!

koralee said...

Oh my goodness..I love your display..colour coded as well! I will be checking your shop my friend. oxxoxo hugs