{a prelude to Spring}

{nest stickers in cream or blue, only $3 a package} {nest postcards only $4 a package. in cream or blue} {chandelier thank you's, variety of colors available, only $10 a set}
I love the combination of ... black and white black and cream gray and black
light blue and black
They are all so classy and muted. You cannot go wrong. So this is my top row in my etsy shop this week. A little prelude to Spring... enjoy! kara


koralee said...

Just used some of those nest postcards today..sent 3 out! I adore your spring treasures. xoxoxo hugs.

Anonymous said...

So pretty and cute! Spring is really here I think!

fernandflora said...

Lovely as always. I need to get some spring cards from you. I've been sending lots of your notes to my grandma and need to add in some birds and nests. She would love that!