{color crush: yellow}

chandelier thank you notes on yellow. A best seller.
little french garland in cream and brown looks perfect against yellow.
yellow origami cupcake sticks
bee cupcake sticks
bee note cards. another best seller.
I am working on keeping my Etsy shop looking fresh interesting. This week the featured designs have to do with my crush on the color yellow. It isn't a crush that I expected yet yellow keeps popping up everywhere in my life. I have a yellow coach purse that I love, a yellow tufted quilt and beautiful yellow and white anthro sheets from my sis. It is the color that kind of goes with anything, black, grey, brown, white, cream, blue, you name it.

Hope your day is sunny and bright!

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fernandflora said...

Go go sister. Way to keep up the Etsy shop. And I completely second your crush on yellow. I'm with you all the way. It's hitting the spot right now for sure.