{b is for birds, boutiques & brunch}

My sister was in town for a Springbreak getaway with her family. she and I got to have a whole day just to ourselves. It couldn't have been more of a beautiful sunny spring day.
We went to a favorite brunch spot, Devils Food Bakery. We had Salmon Eggs Benedict and I had an Iced Almond latte and we split the most delicious Mexican Wedding Cookie.
We then went to our favorite Denver boutiques and shopped and chatted.
Dinner was really part of the plans, but our friend Robin reminded me that another Denver favorite D Bar was opening their doors for dinner in the next few minutes. We have what I would call guilty pleasure or break up food for dinner -oh my goodness- the cake and shake at the end put us over the top.
Where does the bird come in? The lovely spring like day and the promise of warmer weather around the corner. Now back to my weekly routine, and back to work. Hope you have a good weekend as well!


fernandflora said...

Ah so lovely! Every single part of the day sounds divine!

koralee said...

Sounds like the perfect day my friend....yummmmm. hugs. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kara! It was a super fun time!