{tea and toast}

This weekend I am feeling a bit under the weather.
Hot tea & honey with a little toast
are a must when feeling this way.
I hope I start to feel more
like myself by tomorrow.
For now I am just trying
to stay cozy and warm
'cause it's cold &
snowy outside!


fernandflora said...

Sorry friend. Hope the cold is on it's way out - not in. Tea and toast sound like just the thing.

Love that third image. So cheerful!

Libbie said...

Hope you are feeling better!!! We had the flu run through our home this weekend too...yuck! Luckily it was a mild one :)

I put up your note cards 2 posts ago & I just want to thank you again for them...I used some & still have some left for next year! The warm wishes cards are still very handy here as it is COLD :) Sorry it took me sooo long! I am a real slow poke!

Now I think I will go make myself some tea! :)

Anonymous said...

I've been drinking lots of tea too! Funny we both have the same cold and live so far away...
Kimberly S.