{new in shop: Cupcake Sticks}

kara rosenberry co. Cupcake Sticks!!!
perfect for a wedding, a party or a sweet soiree!
scottie dog cupcake sticks
a black and white delight!
...bee cupcake sticks...

raspberry origami cupcake sticks
mint green origami cupcake sticks

peach & pink origami cupcake sticks

I got the creative bug back this weekend. Finally!

So I made cupcake sticks.

The top two photos feature cupcake sticks with my designs. I plan to expand this to any of the designs that I do. So eventually there will be cupcake sticks with chandeliers, poodles, princess crowns, cupcakes, dragonflies, cowboy boots, and so on...If you have something in mind, I can always do a special order for you. Just let me know. go to my shop to take a look at what I have to offer.
Also I collect paper. I need to do something with this paper I collect. I have always loved origami paper. So, origami cupcake sticks. These are limited because of the amount of this paper that I have in stock. They are perfect for Spring. Pretty, soft and whimsical.

and the best part? A package of 6 is only $4.

hope you had a nice weekend!



koralee said...

ADORABLE my sweet sweet friend....happy new week to you. xoxoxoxo

Libbie said...

These are sooooo cute! I love seeing all your designs! These wil be a huge hit!

fernandflora said...

Sounds like we both had a crafty weekend! Yes! Love, love, love these new sticks! So springy!

Anonymous said...
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Jeremy said...

ADORABLE my sweet sweet friend....happy new week to you. xoxoxoxo