{kitchen wishes}

love this sunny kitchen
love the shelving
and all the pretty things on display
love the wallpaper
love the tea tins
love yellow
oh how pretty is this kitchen?
I love the rough island
the worn cupboards
the Paris Cafe Area
the No. 2
what do you love in a kitchen?


koralee said...

So pretty....I love my floors and by beadboard...all I need to do is take some cupboard door off so my dishes will be seen.

Hugs to you my friend. xoxo

Anonymous said...

I love these kitchens...so pretty. I love my island that is mobile so that we can move it and dance in the kitchen when the mood strikes.
Kimberly S

fernandflora said...

Hello! That first image is so cheerful! I want to move right in. I love all those bottles...

Thanks for sharing some inspiration!