Triple Crown Love

Please take me to to horse races if they are as lovely as
these vintage images....


sweet & candy colored

and inspiring.

So glad I stumbled upon these images.

They are so lovely and unexpected.

Which is your favorite?

I think mine is the first image of this post

with the lovely font ,

the roses, and all the other beautiful details.

{image source for this post}

Hope this brings a little loveliness to your week!


fernandflora said...

Ah! Love these!! Where did you find them? I tell ya - they just don't parties like they used to. I'm with you - love that first picture. Those colors kill me.

Anonymous said...

Those are pretty! I think I will have to show these to the family...Where did you find them?
Kimberly S.

Anonymous said...

Oh I like all of them!
Kimberly S.