{pancakes and the weekend}

happy weekend to you!
Growing up, we had a
few weekend meal traditions.
We always had pancakes or waffles on Saturday
and an omelette on Sunday after Church.
I still think those traditions are so special.
So, what are your favorite weekend foods?


fernandflora said...

Love that image!!! We just had french press coffee, grapefruit and toast with brie and jam. Ah Saturday mornings....

megan lane said...

i think you've inspired me to have pancakes for dinner! with chocolate chips of course. yesssss.

Anonymous said...

Funny! I still think about that and often make those items along with waffles of course! White syrup which Rick thinks is crazy...I guess it is what you grow up with is what you like or think is normal. I also remember thinking that roast was a strange meal for Sunday noon since we didn't have that! ha ha.
your sis
Kimberly S.

Oh, My Darling said...

Haha, that picture would be great on a t-shirt.