{the gift of friendship}

over the holidays i had the opportunity
to meet with many dear friends.

{with one over French food}
{with one over pizza}
{with one over coffee and cookies,
exchanging sweet gifts}

{of course with my sister discussing
books, design, and other tidbits as we often do}

My friends near and far are such a gift to me.
Like this pretty box of sweet cookies,
open and delightful.

hoping your week has been lovely so far!
xo kara


koralee said...

Tee hee...had to laugh at your sweet cookies today...I am soooo trying to cut down on the sugar but I see such delight and I just want to bake more.

Midweek hugs.

fernandflora said...

Mmm. Love that photo and the mention of friends. Lovely post.

Anonymous said...

It was fun! Looking forward to seeing you sometime soon!
your sis~
Kimberly S.