{create the best caption & win!}

hello blog friends.
Hope this Monday finds you well.
This is a photo of my grandmother who is now 98.
My mom showed me this photo over Thanksgiving and I swooned.
So here is my question for you:
If I was to put this photo on a card,
what caption would you give it?
Please tell me in a comment and
the person whose caption is my favorite,
will receive a package with this new design!
{after the holidays!}
I will also use that caption
when I sell these in my etsy shop...
{this can be a quote that is already out there, a word, a poem, a thought...}
I will announce the winner on Friday!
Have a great Monday
and thank you for your help!
{p.s. please leave me your email if you don't have a blog}


fernandflora said...

Love this idea! How fun! What about "Happy Trails"? I'm going to be thinking about this all day...


Anonymous said...

I love this photo! I will have to think about what to put on this card! My first thought is the best Grandma in the world!! Or Happy Trails is also cute like Emily said...

Have a good day!
Kimberly S.