{Holiday Bazaar}

hello, how has your week been? I am doing my second to last
holiday show this week. {whew}
with Emily of Fern and Flora
It has been the busiest holiday season yet in my
6 years of kara rosenberry co. I am so blessed.
I am still working on completing orders and such.
This is my deadline week so I have been working
every night to finish up.
I cannot wait til the week before Christmas,
when I will finally have a free weekend
and will be able to rest!
hope this post finds you well!
if in Denver, come and visit us on Saturday!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Have fun! I'm excited to send my cards I bought for Christmas gifts! I love the gift tags you made too!

Thanks and have a good night!
your sis
Kimberly S.