{time for tea}

I have had a thing for warm tea
on a cold morning lately.
Today's post is all things inspired by tea!
Grap a hot cup of tea and read along!
this chandelier is just fabulous.
a lovely print from one of my etsy favorites.
{this one happens to be on sale right now!}
{chirps and chats tea towel . anthropoligie}
what a darling little gift this would make!

whimsical art work from etsy.

I love this tea! It is strong and flavorful and just delish!

it is good with milk and honey and has become a favorite for me!
Go try it!

These would all make wonderful holiday gifts
for the tea lover in your life
Have a great Monday!


fernandflora said...

Hello tea! Love it! That tea towel is darling and now I really need to get me some of that caramel apple tea...

koralee said...

I am a tea lover my friend...black tea only with lots of milk. Lately I must have a morning cup and an evening cup...nothing is cozier than tea!

Love all those tea treasures...I sooo want that print. off to check it out. xoxox

Meg said...

a chandelier for tea cups? amazing! i am a big fan of hot tea. i'm sure i will be drinking much more of it in the coming months!

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Ooh Kara what a pretty post, I loved it, those tea cups are so divine and that tea towel is a real winner, hmm, may need to purchase!

Sarah x