Well it seems that the Holiday Season is in full swing.
I am signed up for a bevy of shows this season...
and was asked to do several more...(you just cannot do them all!)
I have a big show {gifts for yule} on November 13th and 14th &
I have barely begun prepping.
What I do have done is darling!
Holiday Garlands
Holiday Cupcake/Treat Sticks
and Holiday Stir Sticks are in the making.
& now I need to package a lot of cards!
I shall be working and watching Oprah on Tivo all weekend and maybe a few movies too!
I will also try to fit a little weekending into my weekend!
I can barely believe that we are now in early November. Anyone else with me?
xo- kara
p.s. the pictures above are from a show I did with Emily of Fern and Flora last year. i loved our booth!


Meg said...

good luck with all the prepping this weekend kara! i have my first big show (biggest one in michigan!) in about a month and am already feeling a little overwhelmed!

koralee said...

Holiday stickers please...I really really need some. Hugs. xoxoxo