{pretty in the mountains}

Recently i went on a trip to the mountains.
Here is a little collection of what I saw.
{ vintage keys in an antique store}

{pretty pink and black building in breckenridge}

{the hotel de paris in georgetown, colorado}

{antique salt & pepper shakers, georgetown colorado}

{black and white and a lovely font, georgetown, colorado}

{more vintage in georgetown}
happy friday to you!

May you have a beautiful weekend!


Meg said...

i wish there were mountains near us! looks like there are some awesome stores there. those keys are gorgeous!

koralee said...

Happy weekend...love love your images today sweet one. xoxoxo

fernandflora said...

Mmm. Lovely photos - as always. That last picture is my favorite!

Oh, My Darling said...

Love the aesthetic of the keys!

Destiny said...

Hey Kara! Thanks for stopping by : ) That's so funny that we photographed the same building LOL Was it a fire station or something? I meant to look it up! Anyway, I am still in The Barn...upstairs in the corner (behind Castle Rock's most famous restroom LOL)! I'm sharing a space with "whitewash" Hope to see you soon! ~Destiny