{a lovely Sunday afternoon}

we had a lovely summer show on Sunday with a little circus/carnival theme.
Since I didn't take any pictures I am going to send you over to Emily's blog to take a look. I think this the best show yet. Look at these darling refreshments!
We had pink and white iced animal cookies, chocolate and sprinkle dipped strawberries and sweet and salty popcorn served in striped popcorn bags.
Don't you wish you could have joined us? Go here for more.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a smashing success! Wish I could have been there!

Kimberly S.

fernandflora said...

We did have a smashingly good time, didn't we?!?

GUGAW said...

that looks lovely! hope you had fun :)

Melissa said...

Oh cool, the idea to have a crafty show like this is so awesome! I wish I lived nearby!