{Friday in Maine}

hello and happy friday to you! In my last post, I shared with you that my sister and her family went to Maine recently and I shared some of her lovely photos with you...
I am back for part 2 of the Maine trip and today I have some more beautiful photos to share with you .
Above is the inn that her and her family stayed at. Isn't is beautiful? This photo is from their website, the link is below.
{chebeague island inn}{a clever "do knot disturb" sign at the inn}
My nieces read Nancy Drew books on the sofas in the lobby by the fire.
The staff was very friendly and the inn was full of beautiful antiques.
Sounds charming, doesn't it?
My niece Colette watched this painter paint
and was able to ask him many questions about his work.
She is a budding and very talented little artist so this was very fun for her.
My Darling nieces and Nephew: Colette is the oldest, Elle is the second oldest
and then there are the sweet twins Sophia and Nick.
The dog is from the inn and made fast friends with the kids.
Don't they look like they all belong together?
{the kids walking down to the beach}
I love this picture.
Wish I was heading there this weekend!
Alas I am still in Denver and the title of this post is only wishful thinking.
Did you take any fabulous trips this summer?
Or do you only wish you had taken a fabulous trip
and hope to take one next summer?
Do tell!


koralee said...

Charming...just like Maine should be. xoxoxo

fernandflora said...

Oh sister. Those kids are TOO MUCH! That photo of the 4 of them with the dog.... and the picture of them running toward the beach... so so sweet. And that beautiful yellow inn?? Let's go!!

Anonymous said...

Kara, this post is wonderful! I couldn't have written it better and I was there! Thanks for the kind words.
Kimberly S.