{black, white & vintage}

this {little} camera was spotted while on an unexpected jaunt one Sunday afternoon.
I love it on display with my black and white chandelier wall decor, my sparkly "K" initial and my chalkboard from Sabine at La Marquise des Anges

{psssst, Sabine lives in France and she is
lovely! Peek at her blog if you have a moment!}

I had a fabulous week, starting with a lovely brunch with my friend Emily, who is celebrating her birthday this weekend while I celebrated mine last week.

{Happy Birthday to you my dear friend!
and cheers to many more birthday brunches, estate sales and coffee dates between us!!!}

Go here to read about our lovely birthday brunch.

Now I look forward to a visit from my sister Kim
and my very mature, stylish and sweet niece Colette
who is 10 going on 22. Have a great weekend!



fernandflora said...

Oh what a pretty post! I LOVE those photos with all your lovely black and white items! And thank you for the kind birthday wishes! So sweet!! xo

koralee said...

Hi friend...I just have to tell you I have the same black and white chandelier wall decor..love it! Your new camera is lovely...thank you for sharing all the sweetness. xoxoxo