{4th of July Weekend & my birthday!!}

Happy 4th of July Weekend to you!

{images from marthastewart.com}
I am heading back to Nebraska for a 4th of July and Birthday Celebration.
My birthday is on Tuesday~
this weekend I plan to:
see my almost 98 year old grandma,
eat my brothers food- he is a chef
see my adorable nieces and nephew and the rest of the family.
and celebrate my birthday
and the birthday of the country with those I love!
Happy 4th of July Friends!


fernandflora said...

Oh what lovely photos! Happy 4th and Happy Birthday and Happy Trails!

xo xo

koralee said...

Oh sweet one wishing you a wonderful Birthday on Tuesday...you deserve to be treated like a Queen! Extra Birthday hugs for you today. xoxoxo

Melissa said...

Have a lovely trip, and happy almost birthday!