{Vintage Post: Day 2: Grandmother's Garden & more}

{a grandmother's garden quilt- made by my Grandmother, treasured by me}
I love all the fabric in this quilt. It is my second Grandmother's Garden Quilt from my grandmother. I have another one that isn't pictured, that has fabric from my Grandmother, my mother, my sister and me. My Grandmother started it when she was expecting my mother, and finished it 50 some years later, for me.
{vintage thread, I just love the old spools.}
oh and the yesterday I spent the afternoon with dear friend, Emily of Fern and Flora and she helped me take some photos of my new products. We had so much fun and we took lots of lovely pictures. I will be adding them to my etsy, little by little.
for now, these are new in the Etsy Shop. Cowgirl Note Cards! Ye-Haw!
come back tomorrow for more vintage favorites!


koralee said...

I so agree with you..nothings better than having a quilt made with love from your Grandma...I have several which I cherish as well. One can never have too much vintage...so am waiting for your next post. xoxo

fernandflora said...

That quilt is just amazing. I love the story behind it too. Can't wait to see more!

Meg said...

oooo love the vintage thread! what a special quilt!

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