I thought I would post this lovely picture today. The glass jar was a find by my friend Emily at an antique store here in Denver and I created the little hanging bird with some bright ribbon, pieces of french stationary and a vintage button. {the little bird cut out was from Michaels, for $.25} The fabulous straw purse was my grandmothers, one of the many vintage purses from her I treasure. {hmmm that would make a great blog post!}

Lately, I am wishing I had unlimited space to fill up with treasures from Estate Sales, antiques stores and French style flea markets, and I would sell it, and keep some of it, I am sure! In a few years, once I am not working full time I would love to do that, along with selling my cards.

Last time Emily and I did go to an estate sale, we picked up some lovely treasures do a giveaway. We plan to post that giveaway in the next few weeks so please come back again soon and be on the look out for that! It is going to be a lovely giveaway!

Hope this makes your day a little brighter!


Destiny said...

I have TONS of those little bird cutouts from Michaels - I love birds! What a cute idea to decorate them and hang them from a bottle (one of my other obsessions - I never pass up a vintage bottle!) Thanks for sharing the photo! It was so good to see you the other day and to meet your sweet sister, niece and boyfriend : )

Meg said...

ooo i'm excited for that giveaway! what a great idea! hope you are doing well kara :)

koralee said...

How lovely are your treasures!!!!! I just adore them all...hugs to you my friend.

icandy... said...

love those treasures, kara!