after another trip to the Dallas Ikea this weekend, I was so inspired by all these pots... makes me want to garden!
and the fabric, oh the fabric!
I didn't really know that Ikea carries fabrics. I was smitten!
all the colors, all the patterns!
When Ikea finally opens up in Denver next year, I plan on getting lots of lovely fabric and stitching up a few things! {ps please forgive these photos from my sad little camera phone!}


fernandflora said...

Oooo! Oooo! I have some little herbs that need some cute pots! I can't wait for Ikea to come! Love those fabrics too. What great colors! xo to you too friend!

koralee said...

Oh how I adore Ikea...I live way too close to one. Hugs for a great week. xo