{liberty of london}

This weekend I was able to shop the items that Liberty of London has at Target. Oh my, oh my. There is a frenzy here in Denver regarding Liberty of London items and I am sure Denver is not alone in this.
I got this sweet tea pot which is a Liberty of London item among a few other small items. If I had an unlimited budget and a ton of space I would have gotten more but alas, this isn't the case!
Also, I also scored these vintage paper items at the Spring Fling boutique show in Denver. These were from Paper Panache which is also on etsy. I am a sucker for old paper.
So did you shop Target for Liberty of London and if so, what did you get?


Molly Lou Gifts said...

oh my, I love what you chose. It is quite the frenzy. Don't tell anyone, but I haven't gone yet. I know I will miss out, but I am trying to really reign in the spending and I just don't think I can resist the temptation. You will enjoy that teapot for many years.

Love that sugar canister that you found too. I have one just like it that I also got at an estate sale.

Hope you're doing well. Laptop all fixed? :)

Meg said...

oh goodness, that teapot is so adorable. makes me all the anxious to check out the new line!!

Anonymous said...

I caved in...I went and bought Colette and Elle skirts and tee shirts! They can pass them down to Sophia, right? I have always loved Liberty of London but have never bought anything until now. I really think Target did a great job with the prints.
Kimberly S.

Heather said...

I feel like Anthro set the stage for these huge chains that usually just carry the basic & bland to start branching out into the artsy & fantastic.

Cute pot! I've seen Target's ads for these things and need to get my butt over there!

fernandflora said...

What a score! Meg said the Glendale Target was stripped bare! Frenzy indeed! I gotta get over there stat! Lovely post by the way and those paper goodies are adorable!