{Sweet at Candy Giveaway} Greta in Green Headband

My talented friend Emily of Fern and Flora, is featured on a giveaway on the Sweet at Candy Blog this week. Go {here} for a chance to win! Emily has some BEAUTIFUL new items on her Etsy too!Go {here} to take a peek.

I am just in from a wonderful weekend in Dallas, where I had my first trip to an Ikea. I had never been to an Ikea and it was AMAZING. We also had lots of good food, did lots of shopping and relaxed. Was wonderful to get away.
have a great week!


fernandflora said...

Thank you friend for blogging about the giveaway! You are a gem. It was lovely seeing you last night and so glad we had a little time to catch up! xo

Maria said...

Hi! I stopped over from Koralee's

I've never been to IKEA's either... and would love to visit one someday! I've heard amazing reviews of this store... glad you were amazed too!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Hi Kara, just popped onto your lovely blog.. glad I did... I'm off now to read some of your past posts ...

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday!

caroline joy said...

You are such a good friend and advocate of others! I love Emily's stuff!

icandy... said...

How sweet~ hope that all is well with you, sweet Kara!

koralee said...

Welcome to the world of Ikea..we live about 30 mins from one so I am always visiting...one of my favourite places ever! xoxoo

Anonymous said...

Terrie Hall says "Hi," to Emily. We were next door neighbors at Grandmother's House Boutique at Tagawa's. Love your blog. Are you doing any shows in Denver this spring? I'd love to hear about them!