{Etsy Treasures:Mr. Rabbit, Sir}

all kinds of lovelies from Mr. Rabbit, Sir.
little strawberry gift bags and red and white lovely string.
{a little thank you gift for my purchase}

I am a sucker for fabulous packaging and packaging supplies. I stumbled across Mr. Rabbit, Sir, a few weeks ago. With her super affordable prices and lots of lovely items, this little shop is hard to resist. Go {here} to take a peek!


koralee said...

I adore her shop and her sweet sweet blog...and her cute little pug dog. Love the strawberry bags..I too love all things made of paper...especially packaging. xo

fernandflora said...

Oh how fun! What sweet items! I'm gonna check that shop out right now! And that name? Adorable.

Anonymous said...

you're so sweet -- thank you for blogging about the shop, Kara!!! :D

(mr. rabbit sir)

wishful nals said...

love it! :)

Heather said...

SUPER cute. I love it...