{nest note card sale}

hello friends. Happy Sunday. Spring is right around the corner, right? I live in Denver Colorado where snow anytime through March but I am hoping it doesn't snow again this year.

In anticipation of Spring coming, I am doing a sale on my Nest Note cards. They were $10, and now they are $8 a package. Please go {here} to take advantage of this sale!
Here's to hoping Spring is right around the corner.




{image by the fabulous alicebgardens}

I love buttons. When I was little, we used to go into a fabric store in town, where they had bins of buttons for a penny each. I still remember sifting thru those bins and being allowed to buy a few buttons at a time.

I still collect buttons and love nothing more than to stumble on a well priced jar of buttons at an antique store.

I also collect...
antique salt and pepper shakers
vintage linens
accessories made with vintage items {necklaces, headbands}
fabulous paper products
little pieces of original art
{and so much more}

What do you love to collect?

happy weekend. xo.kara


{Sweet at Candy Giveaway} Greta in Green Headband

My talented friend Emily of Fern and Flora, is featured on a giveaway on the Sweet at Candy Blog this week. Go {here} for a chance to win! Emily has some BEAUTIFUL new items on her Etsy too!Go {here} to take a peek.

I am just in from a wonderful weekend in Dallas, where I had my first trip to an Ikea. I had never been to an Ikea and it was AMAZING. We also had lots of good food, did lots of shopping and relaxed. Was wonderful to get away.
have a great week!


{i love books}

{photo from the lovely etsy shop of alicebgardens}

Besides art and my world of kara rosenberry co. note cards, I love to read. I have a degree in English and don't have a lot of time to read and write, but I love to do both.
When I was young, I would read into the middle of the night and my parents would come and catch me. In jr. high and highschool I had the most amazing lit and composition teachers. In college, my two favorite English professors became mentors to me.

Here are a list of some of my favorites. I know I am leaving many out but this will do for now!

Books that I love from past to present...
at a young age i loved...
Anne of Green Gables series
Little House on the Prairie series
Ramona the Pest Series
Amelia Bedelia books
Gone With the Wind

Highschool and college and beyond...
Barbara Kingsolver's writing {Poisonwood Bible was my favorite}
Amy Tan's books {Bonesetter's Daughter was my favorite.}
Toni Morrison's books {Beloved was my favorite}
Maya Angelou books {I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, favorite}
Memoirs of Geisha by Arthur Golden
The Awakening by Kate Chopin
Books by Pat Conroy {Beach Music was my favorite and the Prince of Tides}
Books by Wally Lamb {My favorite: This Much I know is True}
Books by Sue Monk Kidd {loved the Secret Life of Bees}
All books by Joanne Harris, she wrote the book based on the movie Chocolat. I met her at a signing and she is lovely. she is British and French. Five Quarters of the Orange is a favorite by her.
Books by Peter Mayle and also, Frances Mayes.
The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood by Rebecca Wells
The Glass Castle Jeanette Walls

The poetry and Pablo Neruda {favorite poem, Sweetness Always.}
The poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke
the poetry of Maya Angelou
the poetry of Gwendolyn Brooks

that is all I can conjure up for now. Do you like to read? If so, what are your favorites?
have a lovely Monday.


{bee my valentine}

Wishing you a Happy Valentines Day!
& now, a few things I found sweet.

{photos from Martha Stewart}


{a LOVE-ly night}

love was in the air at our Valentines Boutique earlier this week.
each guest took home a favor bag with a mix of Valentine inspired love songs, cherry mash and chocolate covered cherries.
pretty drinks are a must.
festive valentine cupcakes
delish lemon shortbread cookies
fern and flora and kara rosenberry co are lovely as ever and ready to sell.
besides hosting the boutique, baking and making poms, Emily of Fern and Flora whipped up lovely headbands, bobbies, and clips.
Love 146, an organization that works toward the abolition of child sex slavery,was there. We sold some of their little felted hearts at our boutique to raise money to help their cause.
amazing paintings by Lexi Holeman.
kara rosenberry co. cupcake love note cards, stickers, garlands and postcards, displayed in vintage pink cupcake boxes.

We had such a fun time at our Valentines Boutique earlier this week. It was the perfect setting for a bunch of girls to eat cupcakes, chat, hear sweet music and shop handmade. I hope you enjoy the pictures of our fun night.




Hello friends. Meet my newest design, the beautiful pink dragonfly. I had a custom order for this little lovely and she kind of grew on me. She was able to attend our little boutique on Monday night, all wrapped up in fabulous ribbon. She will be a permanent addition to my collection.

On another note, I think that my picture system is messing up, so I am going thru photoshop now to save photos and publish them on here. {see my previous post} I don't "speak" Photoshop and I need a day of Photoshop bootcamp from my friend Emily. I want to be able to do so many more things! For now, this will do!I just need about 2 more hours in the day. I will be posting a fabulous entry on our Valentine Boutique tomorrow. It was such a lovely night!
Hope you have a fabulous day!


Just checking in! I have been MIA and finally, when I was trying to do a post about our lovely Valentines Boutique last night, all the pictures are uploading sideways. Anyone know why this happens? Very frustrating!
I hope everyone is having a fabulous week. Please chip in if you know how I can fix this picture uploading problem, or just say hello.
Merci Beaucoup,


{Etsy Treasures:Mr. Rabbit, Sir}

all kinds of lovelies from Mr. Rabbit, Sir.
little strawberry gift bags and red and white lovely string.
{a little thank you gift for my purchase}

I am a sucker for fabulous packaging and packaging supplies. I stumbled across Mr. Rabbit, Sir, a few weeks ago. With her super affordable prices and lots of lovely items, this little shop is hard to resist. Go {here} to take a peek!