{poodle party}

poodle stickers on pink favor boxes
white chocolate dipped brownies with a poodle tag
gift bags with darling poodle tags
Happy Monday Friends!
A few weeks ago I recieved an order from my wedding planner friend Joanna to do some gift tags, a garland and some poodle stickers for her daughters poodle party.
Thanks to that order, I started doing the darling scalloped edge gift tag and realize I need to make gift tags with all my designs. I am also working on making all of my designs into party kitscomplete with invites, thank you's, garlands, gift tags and stickers.
I think these turned out rather cute, if I do say so myself. Ooh la la!
Have a great week!


fernandflora said...

How adorable are these?! It's so fun to see the finished product on boxes and tied around brownies! You've got a good thing goin' sister!

koralee said...

You are one creative inspiring gal my friend...everything you do gives me delight. I need to plan a party soon..and when I do I will be calling on you! Happy new week creative one!

caroline joy said...

Oh, this is just too cute! Love it and those brownies -- YUM!!!

Anonymous said...

the scallop tags are adorable and the white chocolate dipped brownies sound delightful!

Lizzie Kienast said...

hi you! i like these valentines soooo much! you inspire me.
thank you for the sweet post-card. i think i know just who i want to send it to... and the circus tent will be so apropos! :) LOVE IT!
i thought i missed your event last night- but now realize it's next monday! hoooooray. i have your art & will plan to deliver!
thank you so much your support at my little show. you make me feel so loved.