{counting down-goodbye 2010}
counting down the days til the end of the year!
Can hardly believe it!
What are your New Years Plans?
It is supposed to be very cold and snowing in Denver...
Might not plan to do anything but make it a movie night
and cook a yummy dinner.
Thank you for being such an awesome group of blog friends!
2010 has been an amazing year-
with a little help
from all of you!
Hope you have a great end of 2010
and a great start to 2011!
See you next year!


{a holiday wish}

{a holiday wish for you}
I have been so blessed this year,
and would like to take a moment to
wish you all a wonderful holiday season!
I am going to take a few days off to enjoy the holidays
so see you around soon!


{Merry and Bright}



Hope your holiday season
has been merry and bright.
Cannot believe we are less than a week away from Christmas!
Hope your Monday is lovely & full of holiday wonder.
Mine is full of coffee beans, presents to wrap,
Eggnog and gingerbread taffy, {YUM}
and a inbox full of email at work, oh the joy!
tis the season!


{etsy holiday love-Janet Hill Studio}

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon this most
lovely Etsy shop: Janet Hill Studio.
Oh her little paintings are just magical.
Here are my favorite holiday paintings
in her shop.
{Winter Cakes}

{her christmas tree dress was the highlight
of the party}
{Hot Chocolate}
You really might want to add these to your
Christmas Wish list if there is still time.
I really love her work. Please go and visit her shop
because there are so many more that are so lovely.
Which is your favorite holiday painting from
the ones I have featured above?
Mine is Winter Cakes.
I think the Hot Chocolate one
is pretty sweet too!
happy monday!


{french charming gift giving guide}

kara rosenberry co. made it on to the
French Charming Gift Giving Guide!
{merci beaucoup Karyn!}
I am so honored to be featured on this list!

kara rosenberry co. has been abundently blessed
this holiday season, like never before.
My cards are selling like hotcakes
and the orders are rolling in!
{oh my goodness!}
Go visit the guide for some great
gift giving ideas!
Happy Shopping to You!
Tis the Season!


{create the best caption & win!}

hello blog friends.
Hope this Monday finds you well.
This is a photo of my grandmother who is now 98.
My mom showed me this photo over Thanksgiving and I swooned.
So here is my question for you:
If I was to put this photo on a card,
what caption would you give it?
Please tell me in a comment and
the person whose caption is my favorite,
will receive a package with this new design!
{after the holidays!}
I will also use that caption
when I sell these in my etsy shop...
{this can be a quote that is already out there, a word, a poem, a thought...}
I will announce the winner on Friday!
Have a great Monday
and thank you for your help!
{p.s. please leave me your email if you don't have a blog}


{just dreamy}




This images picked by Mary Ruffle made my heart
skip a beat today.

It has been a stressful week for me and these images
made me happy on this Friday morning.

{On a side note, if I had a kitchen like the ones above,
I would be in there all the time!}
In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the season,
remember to take a moment for yourself!
happy friday!


{Holiday Bazaar}

hello, how has your week been? I am doing my second to last
holiday show this week. {whew}
with Emily of Fern and Flora
It has been the busiest holiday season yet in my
6 years of kara rosenberry co. I am so blessed.
I am still working on completing orders and such.
This is my deadline week so I have been working
every night to finish up.
I cannot wait til the week before Christmas,
when I will finally have a free weekend
and will be able to rest!
hope this post finds you well!
if in Denver, come and visit us on Saturday!


{hello december}

{hello december}
I cannot believe it is December already!
I haven't been blogging much lately.
I have been doing shows almost every weekend.
I have a large amount of orders that must get done this week.
I traveled for the Thanksgiving
and had a restful few days with family.
Hope that your start to December is great.
The countdown to the Holidays is here!


{i wish for ruffles}

have you seen these lovely ruffles
over at the etsy shop {pretty things by Meg}?

they are quite stunning and quite affordable.
go take a peek here!


{a pink christmas giveaway- on bluebird notes!}

The lovely and talented Koralee is
hosting a Pink Christmas Giveaway
on her blog and my work is being featured!
You may win one of each of the designs
featured above!
Please go {here} to enter!
there is a button you can grab
for your blog, to spread the news.
{merci beaucoup Koralee!}



{mittens please!}

{my newest holiday designs, mittens!}
these can also be printed
with the words "thank you"
{ and a darling snowman! }
these can also be printed
with the words "thank you"
I will be adding these to my etsy shop tonight.
Cute right?
also there is an exciting holiday giveaway
taking place later this week!
Stay tuned!


{a few pretties and a party}

I am kind of known as a queen of accessories around these parts...
and I think these necklaces {from anthropoligie} are so fun and pretty.
I am pretty sure one of my talented and crafty friends
could make something just as fun....
speaking of which....
Tomorrow is a Holly Jolly Boutique at my friend Emily's house.

If you are in denver, won't you join us?
email me at kara@kararosenberry.com for the details.

These shows that we have at her house quite often
just keep getting better and better.

Last night I went to her house and we made
some delicious gingerbread men {& women}
and some sweet and spicy pecans. {yum!}
Pictures are soon to follow!
Happy Weekend to You!


{sweet success}

I am still on Cloud 9 from a fantastic weekend.
I did the Gifts for Yule show in Denver. The last of this annual show.
It was very successful for me, and I have a few pages of orders to prove it!
Here is a little collection of photos from the weekend!
a pastel Christmas. My favorite.
{ new items: Stir Sticks, Cupcake Sticks,
a new snowman design, and ice skates}

{more kara rosenberry co.}
{My Booth Mates}
one of my booth mates Jaala of Jaala Jewels
Jaala loves vintage and old things as much as I.
I love her work!
{booth mate Lizzie Mara's Darling little paintings.}
i am the proud owner of a new painting from her.
More on that later!
{more from lizzie mara}
{The Show}
{a huge crowd of happy shoppers}

Candles by the owner of the show Samantha Robinson.

{more fun things in Samantha's booth}
I do not exagerate when I say that we have the best food at this show.
There was a Scarlet Carrot Soup that was the most beautiful
Beet Pink color... and check out the treats below.
pumpkin whoopie pies and root beer bundt cakes. yum!

Since this was the last Gifts for Yule,
at the end of the show we had a champagne toast to the owner of the show,
Samantha. I have been doing this show for at least 5 years
and have met some of the most incredible, and creative women.

I am inspired and excited for the rest of the holiday season!

Happy Monday to You!


{tis the season}

{tis the season for some sweet stir sticks}

I have been getting ready for a holiday show this week.
My mom helped me create these stir sticks and with lots of
darling patterns. We also made sweet sticks for perfect for
cupcakes, and popcorn balls and other homemade treats!

there are Mittens, a Snowman, Holly Leaves
and the I'm Dreaming of a Pink Christmas to name a few.

These are not in my etsy shop yet but I am hoping
to have time to add them in soon!
{please forgive the less than lovely photography.
I was anxious to share these with you!}


{gifts for yule}

hello lovelies
the next show on my list is
this weekend here in Denver.

This is the last gifts for yule show after 13 years...
I have been doing it for a least 6 years,
so it is a little bittersweet.

If you are in Denver, come on out!
Come hungry because there is delicious food!
hope to see you there!

{go here for more info!}


{time for tea}

I have had a thing for warm tea
on a cold morning lately.
Today's post is all things inspired by tea!
Grap a hot cup of tea and read along!
this chandelier is just fabulous.
a lovely print from one of my etsy favorites.
{this one happens to be on sale right now!}
{chirps and chats tea towel . anthropoligie}
what a darling little gift this would make!

whimsical art work from etsy.

I love this tea! It is strong and flavorful and just delish!

it is good with milk and honey and has become a favorite for me!
Go try it!

These would all make wonderful holiday gifts
for the tea lover in your life
Have a great Monday!


{9-5 Fab}

I don't know about you, but I want the place
where I spend 8 hours of my day to be fabulous.
I love to have a few lovelies to look at
as I make my way through my work day.
{ initial mug. anthropoligie}
{Water bottle.Talulah Jones.denver}
{a little art work in the form of an old paris calendar}

{a milk glass vase from an estate sale doubles as a pen holder}

what do you have in your work space that makes you happy?



Well it seems that the Holiday Season is in full swing.
I am signed up for a bevy of shows this season...
and was asked to do several more...(you just cannot do them all!)
I have a big show {gifts for yule} on November 13th and 14th &
I have barely begun prepping.
What I do have done is darling!
Holiday Garlands
Holiday Cupcake/Treat Sticks
and Holiday Stir Sticks are in the making.
& now I need to package a lot of cards!
I shall be working and watching Oprah on Tivo all weekend and maybe a few movies too!
I will also try to fit a little weekending into my weekend!
I can barely believe that we are now in early November. Anyone else with me?
xo- kara
p.s. the pictures above are from a show I did with Emily of Fern and Flora last year. i loved our booth!