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Lately... I have been loving the color grey...
i am thinking of getting a grey sofa and my dear sister, bought this harlequin diamond- grey and cream little storage piece, and decided it might not look right in her house so she might give it to me. {kim, if you are reading, you can still change your mind} I need the storage plus it is just beautiful... I will take pictures if I end up adopting it.

But above are more things I love in a shade of grey..{hate that I used so many items from Anthropoligie but just couldn't help it!

also, a list of shows I will be doing this holiday season in Denver!

this holiday season you can find Kara Rosenberry Co. at...

the fabulous Gifts for Yule holiday boutique show

at Grandmother's House Boutique November 11-14
with my talented friend Emily from Fern and Flora Designs, the headband, garland making queen and florist. Here is her Etsy, here is her new blog.

and I will be at the Waldorf Holiday Fair on 12/05

{&} at a fabulous show at a private home 12/4 & 12/05! Email me at kara@kararosenberry.com for details! this is a favorite of mine! Emily will also be at this show.
or you can always find me at www.kararosenberry.com or www.kararosenberryco.etsy.com.

I am turning out custom order after custom order and have come up with some pretty fabulous stuff. I will be posting more pictures soon. I have been taking it to a new level this holiday season!
Happy Weekend!


icandy... said...

You are keeping so busy....that's wonderful! Happy creating~~ as the holidays sneak up on us!!!

Molly Lou Gifts said...

I love grey too. I feel that it is so versatile. I have a grey sofa, you should get one too. I am rooting for you on the storage piece...if you need me to do some campaigning for you with the sister, let me know. :)

YAY for all of your holiday shows. Can't wait to hear about them.

Maria Confer said...

Aside from black and white, I completely adore grey!!


fernandflora said...

Love the grey! Can't help those gorgeous items from Anthro. They are divine and post-worthy! And thanks so much for throwing my info out there too! Hope you're able to rest a little this weekend!

Megs said...

i am totally loving grey right now. love the collection you put together! and anthro is my most favorite store.. i was actually just checking out their sale items online (those are the only i can afford & barely those)!

caroline joy said...

I love grey!!! Some people might find it drab, but I find it romantic and mysterious... Sounds like you've got some great shows coming up. See you Saturday :)

Sabine, La Marquise des anges said...

I adore grey too ... for all kind of things actually.

You are so active !!! and creative :) !! I can't wait to see the pictures to come :)

koralee said...

Hi my friend ....I love grey as well. You always make me happy. Not only is all this grey so lovely but I got a sweet little parcel in the mail today...my cards arrived. Thank you for the extra surprise..you are too sweet for words. I love everything. Thanks so much again. I so wish I could go to one of your holidays shows.

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Gorgeous Greys Kara...I'm loving that beautiful double breasted coat...yummy!

Although you're going to be crazy busy, I'm so happy you are doing well and getting custom orders. I hope you have a successful holiday season, you surely deserve it!

Love and hugs,

Johanna Parker said...

Hi Kara :)

I was just peeking at the other Gifts for Yule vendors with web links, and you and I are within the handful of those that DO have sites... and a blog!... Love yours!.. I just added you to my blog list of friends...

Anyway, I look forward to seeing you this weekend, and hope that we have a great show (despite the chilly weather.. )

See you soon!
~ Johanna

bridechic said...

About the color grey: It was my father's favorite so I grew up with it. Personally it doesn't do much for me when I wear it because I'm a redhead. If I were brunette or had a different skin tone I'd incorporate it more throughly through my wardrobe.

BTW My kitchen is stainless steel . . .

koralee said...

Hi again my friend..please pop over and enter my giveaway...I do not want you to miss it...you are such a sweet friend.