Etsy Treasures by Fern and Flora

My lovely friend and lately the person I have been doing shows with {Emily} has posted these lovely head bands and wreaths on her Etsy site. I have been looking at each and everyone of them and wishing they all were mine! I think my favorite is the Gold Rush Head Band and the Autumn Wreath with Vintage paper but oh wait, then there is the Copper Willow Headband. I cannot decide.
Tell me, which Fern and Flora Treasure do you wish for? Go {here} to take a peek!


Maria Confer said...

Beautiful work. I lover her headbands and that wreath is stunning.


caroline joy said...

I love the Ginger Tweed! What a great combo! I might have to revisit wearing headbands -- wonder if I can pull it off... :)

koralee said...

You know which one I would go for...the first blue one for sure! You have a very talented friend.

GUGAW said...

how pretty! are there little autumn leaves in the headband?

Libbie said...

VERY cute...so perfect for fall!

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