No. 2 Pencil & Cake Stand Blue

"no.2 pencil"

Martha Stewart's paint collection at Lowes makes me want to paint every nook and cranny in my house a different color. Look at some of the names of paint that she has in her line....
{No. 2 Pencil, Cake Stand Blue, Biscuit & French Bulldog Black. Newsprint, Spring Drizzle, Wick and & Vintage Map}
Oh my! These titles of paint are inspiring and lovely! They are like a little poem and they make me want to paint! If you have some free time and are driving by a Lowes, go in and take a look. My friend Emily and I were entranced for at least a half an hour at the Martha Stewart paint swatch station.


Megs said...

i have to admit, i am a sucker for all things martha stewart.. my kitchen is filled with things from her line at macy's. mostly because they are turquoise :)

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Martha definitely has an amazing eye and I love everything she does amd I have to go check out her paint!

Have a fabulous weekend!

caroline joy said...

I have so much Martha paint throughout my house -- and the names of her colors keep getting better! I've got Sandcastle, North Sea, Drop of Blue, and Squash Blossom from her old line. Time to repaint!

koralee said...

Oh these names are so so lovely...I would love to have that job...making up paint names..just think how much fun that would be. Just realized I do not have your lovely blog on my side blogroll and have missed some of your posts...off to fix that right now! xoxoxoxo