the farm, my grandma and birthdays.

I have been in Nebraska since Thursday the 13th of August and having a great time. Friday, My Grandma. pictured above turned 97 and my sister's twins, Nicholas and Sophia, turned 5 on the same day. The picture above of my grandma frosting her own cake is so special to me. About 2 years ago she had a stroke that left part of her body paralyzed. She is no longer able to quilt but as you she see here she can still frost a cake. She lives in a nursing home now but she was able to come out to the farm, where she lived for over 70 years to celebrate.

Grandma and I... she is opening her birthday cards
the twins, Sophia with her doll cake and Nick with his horse themed cake.
(this doll has been used on cakes made by my Grandma for over 55 years.)
Colette, Sophia and Elle, my nieces after picking some corn.

a shot of the corn and the crackled paint on the garage.

Sophia peeking into the window on the farm.

Miss Sophia

Sophia on a tire swing at the farm. after taking this picture, she and I went and blew bubbles for a half an hour or so.
i will be posting pictures of the twins cowboy/cowgirl themed party tomorrow or the next day... it was beyond cute!


Happiness Is... said...

Your grandma is SO cute! I hope I look that good and can still frost a cake at her age!

Your niece and nephew are too cute for words.

Molly Lou Gifts said...

I love, love, love those pictures. How fantastic! I love the farm and way to go Grandma...I can't believe you all made her frost her own darn cake. After 97 years, you don't think you could give the old gal a break!!!! :)

Glad you're having a great time. Can't wait to hear more about it.

Maggie Whitley said...

sophie looks a lot like you :) that is really special!!!


fernandflora said...

Your pictures of your time at the farm make me think of all the lovely memories I have of my own grandma's farm. The old farm buildings and fields of corn and delicious meals take me back. Thanks for sharing!

p.s. and the pictures of your sweet little nieces with their armloads of corn? How adorable!

Megs said...

your grandma is adorable :) i LOVE the photos of sophie. makes me want to live on a farm!