{Cowgirl and Cowboy Birthday}

My sister's twins, Nicholas and Sophia turned 5... and had a cowboy and cowgirl birthday party. It was darling.

Nick in his cowboy garb

Sophia with the cupcakes and party goods. Each child got to pick a horse to put on top of their cupcake and added green frosting so their horse had grass to eat.

Kim, my sister, bought horse cookie cutters for favors and I made the tags out of red and white gingham paper.

I made a garland out of red and white gingham paper and paper sacks. Fun little touch!

Games: My sister modified the game musical chairs and instead played muscial boots.
The kids also did a relay race with the stick horses.

It was a treat for me to get to be there.
Have a great Friday!


Megs said...

SO adorable! love your personal touches :) i'm sure they loved having you there.

koralee said...

Oh how I love kids birthday partys...I really miss them ...this one looks like it was a hoot....what a great theme.. thanks for sharing..happy week to you!

Heather said...

This is awesome and ironic. I just decided two days ago that my daughter's next birthday will be cowgirl themed. Cute garlands, too!

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