Happy Mother's Day!

me and my mom at a show in 2007

Lovely cupcake ornaments that my mom hand sewed. aren't they lovely?

Thank you to my mom for being so wonderful, talented, fun and helpful. I get so much of my craftiness from mom and grandma. I am wishing my mom a Happy Mothers Day from afar. I wish I could be in Nebraska to celebrate... ! When my mom lays awake at night, she sometimes thinks up card designs for me and creative ways of doing things. What a mom! She also does a lot of sewn items for the shows I do:: slippers for kids, aprons for kids and adults, little embellished barrettes, the handsewn cupcakes pictured above. She is such a support to me.
And to my sister who is a wonderful mom to her four wonderful kids and a wonderful sister too. Love you both!

Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers out there!


Anonymous said...

That was a wonderful tribute Kara. Mom is wonderful and talented as are you.

Have a nice day. We miss you of course! See you in June!

love, Kim

Carol said...

Loving the cute cupcakes!