something different::lovely little garlands

pastel origami garland

pastel origami garland again

another origami garland in golds reds greens and pinks-5ft long

French Newsaper garland-5 ft long

french newspaper garland again
script paper garland

script paper garland

script paper garland
in process...
My friend Emily and I and a few other friends are doing the Sweet William Market in Denver this summer. I plan to sell my usual cards there but also plan on doing some other fun stuff, like these lovely little garlands. I found the instructions for these on some other blog, somewhere, don't know where! I read too many blogs, obviously. Emily invited me up to her apartment yesterday ( we live in the same building) for some waffles and crafting. I haven't done anything but make cards in such a long time so I was baffled as to what to make. I was reminded that I found these instructions for the blog and that I have a ton of different papers laying around my house that I need to get rid of. So I decided to make these. They are all about 5 feet long and were very easy and fun to make.
Oh and the house is Emily's. Beautiful isn't it? That mirror and the vases and her french picture over her dining room table are all so fabulous. They make a great back drop for a spotaneous photo shoot.
Happy weekend...

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Lizzie Kienast said...

lovely, kara! you are so clever and sweet. i adore your crisp clean style.