randomness::Chandeliers, weekend, family and a little business on the side!

I love chandeliers... don't you? I drew this for a friend's rehearsal dinner last year and it has become a favorite. These pictures are from the show I did in March and I just wanted to share them with you. Flowers were by my friend Emily...
Happy Weekend! It is snowing here and Denver... around 10 inches yesterday. My sister and her family were here but I didn't get to spend much time with them because they were staying 45 minutes south of here where the weather was the worst. Thursday night, her and I had plans to come into Denver and go to the Dbar- a fabulous dessert place but the weather was so bad we stayed out in Castle Rock, where she was staying and went to the Barn, a fabulous old Barn full of Antiques... I picked up a new wholesale client from one of the vendors that was working that night. She bought several packages on the spot. Mel with a little booth called The Magpie. I think my note cards will fit in perfectly with her botantical, rich colored little booth that features a great perfume called Tokyo Milk (I want it now, wish I would have bought it!), vintage canisters, fabulous little earrings and she happens to be from Omaha or lived in Omaha for a time so we had a lot to talk about. Then my sister and I went to this great restaurant called Sienna, had a fabulous meal and a very fun waiter name Joey who is an artist from New York. Such fun. I had to finally remind my sister that I had to be at work at 7 am the next day, so we better go!
This morning I got to watch my nieces dance in an Irish dance contest called a Feis. It was fun. My 4 year old niece competed for the first time and she didn't know when to stop dancing. She just would have kept going and going! Darling! The older two nieces are very accomplished and I am so proud of them, of all of them.
On the way home tonight I stopped into the Dbar and am excited to say I finally talked to Keegan Gerhard, the owner and a chef that hosts some food challenge shows on the food channel, and I am going to be doing some custom work for him:: some thank you cards. I am so glad we finally got to talk, we have been talking about doing this since October and keep missing eachother! I will have to post what I end up drawing for him. It involves cupcakes. Exciting stuff.
I am going to watch a movie, try to stay warm and maybe work on some orders tonight or tomorrow.
Happy Weekend!


. Becca . said...

I just love those chandelier note cards! I think I'm going to head on over to your site and order me some cards now :)

Jaime said...

Beautiful arrangements!!!! Are you surviving the storm out there??? Looks like we escaped a pretty crazy winter! Hope you're doing well!!