Who Knew?

"My stash of stuff... fabrics, little pink glass plates and my favorite, the salt and pepper shakers. Look at how the salt dispenses, thru and s & p... love it!"

When I think of the town of Castle Rock Colorado, I think of a town in between Colorado Springs and Denver that has some great outlets, Coach, Nine West, The gap. It is a place that i have visited most recently with my sister and nieces and laughed as I saw little girls that can shop harder than I can. It was pretty cute.
Well my friend Emily suggested we go on an adventure and go to an antique place that she had heard about up there. I was up for it so we grabbed some Starbucks and then some egg mcmuffins and took off for a little town about a 1/2 hour from Denver. Not even that. Emily was looking for some vintage jewelry, and I was looking for nothing specific. The place we visited was The Barn. Inside I found some true treasures. The Barn is split up into several little booths and I found a few I really loved. I found Chic Junque. Listed here is her blog. She had some great shabby chic stuff that is just down my alley. Beautiful and affordable chandeliers, really beautiful tea towels with chandeliers and crowns printed on them, I scored a great crown hook for under $10 and I collect Salt and Pepper Shakers for $10 that have the letters S and P as the dispensers of the salt and pepper. I collect vintage Salt and Pepper shakers so I loved these. I could have taken home her whole booth. Everything was really charming and well thought out. I hope to head back and get a few more things! Like those imprinted tea towels. They were very affordable as well.
There was another Shabby Chic booth with all kinds of dishware. I got some beautiful little pink glass dishes for $1 each. My friend Emily got a set of little tea cups for $14 for her floral design company. They would be perfect for a little arrangement for a bridal shower tea party or something. I don't remember the name of this booth but there is a set of shelves in front of this booth with a lovely bunch of dresser knobs and such things for sale. You cannot miss it.
My other favorite find was upstairs in the Barn toward the back. There was a knitting and sewing spot called Stash (also called Find Your Stash). I was really blown away with what they did with the space. It was super cosy and bright, and they had a table for groups of people to do sewing and knitting classes. They also had some great fabrics. I was really impressed! It was very unexpected to find them up there. I met Crystal, one of the co-owners and hope to be going back soon! I bought a few of their fat quarters of fabric to make some pillows. and I bought a lovely little card that had stitched fabric on it. I used to sew buttons and paper onto cards so I really loved this little card. It was super affordable too.
I forgot my crown hook at the Barn so they offered to mail it back to me this week. I will take a picture and post it when I get it.
After "the Barn" we traveled back to Denver and into Aurora and found a Dollar Tree store that was fabulous. Awesome Easter Baskets, and other baskets, really cool plastic eggs for Easter, we bought coffee filter liners for Coffee Filter Garlands. Have you seen these? They are really amazing. Emily already made a beautiful one with white filters and pink and yellow tissue paper for my upcoming Spring Show. We bought stuff for our kitchen:: really cute kitchen towels, a basting silicone brush, and really cute petite strainer.
Then we were off for a yummy lunch at Tokeyo Joes... and then we called it a day. What fun!
If you are in Denver, or anywhere near, take a trip to The Barn in Castlerock. I have heard there are some other great stores there like Sassafras but I haven't been there myself.
Have a great weekend!


Mel said...

What a revelation! I always thought Castle Rock had the outlets and a few gas stations. I can't wait to check out the Barn!

stash said...

Kara, thank you for the great mention. I love the Barn and am proud to be a part of it. We have a great group of vendors and have a wonderful community within the Barn. It was nice to meet you and Emily. I can't wait to see you again in the near future. Happy creating!