Spring Fling

Spring show display-This is from a Spring show I did a few years ago at the Spring Fling Boutique show in Denver. I love doing displays and think it really boosts sales. Often people want to buy my props as well! I don't usually part with those. I do love setting up for a show though and trying to see how I can improve each show that I do. I will be doing this show again in March. I am sharing a booth with my favorite jewel girl, Jaala.{I am wearing a necklace that she made in my profile picture} The location will be different and the booth with look a little different, I am sure but if you are in Denver, Come and enjoy! www.springflingdenver.com

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magpiesandmagnolias said...


I saw that you asked Jordan where she got her red/white twine. i just wanted to let you know that I bought some from etsy seller Laura Crow (link below). She sells it for $1 for 10 yards. I used it on all my Christmas packages.