at a young age

me on my 4th birthday with my doll cake.

Even from a young age,
i loved pink. loved fun, frilly things.
Loved buttons. loved to draw and read.
was inspired by my talented and crafty mom and grandma.
I am sure one of them made this cake
and the macrame
hanging in the background.

just thought I would share this picture today. Oh and by the way, my dad made the big birthday card that is on the table. I always consider him to be somewhat of an artist tho he would never agree with me. There is a big abstract green and yellow painting around our house somewhere that he painted long ago. I always thought that was so cool. Maybe someday we can sit down and paint together.


jlc said...

How cute is that?!?

Love your blog!

. Becca . said...

Hahaha, that is so cute!

Jaime said...

Such a cute picture!!!! Umm..... is it your birthday????

{kara} said...

Hi Jaime! My birthday isn't until July. I thought about the fact that it looked like my birthday but I just wanted to put up a fun picture with cake and pink and presents and a card. No other reason than that!

bridechic said...

A little cutie! Happy B day and many happy returns