Spring Forward

"nest, dragonfly and bee notecards, apron and pillow made by my mother"

time is counting down to my spring show on March 14th and 15th. I am looking forward to introducing some new items such as some really cute and affordable postcards. I will post them on here soon too so you all can see! I am working on getting an Etsy site up soon too. Happy almost Spring. Denver keeps teasing us with beautiful weather and then snow. I am ready to just move onto Spring!

my spring show info is at http://www.springflingdenver.com/. There are a TON of other great vendors too so come and enjoy.

I will be posting my Spring postcards on my blog and hopefully an etsy site soon.

Or you can shop fun Spring designs on my website such as::
the Nest or Hope Note cards- (great for easter or a housewarming)
The Dragonfly Note cards and stickers
and don't forget to shop the Bride Page for all the spring weddings in store!
and don't forget to look for all the Paris themed note cards under "everyday and anything" because everyone loves Paris in the Springtime.

Happy Weekend!


Happy Valentines Day!

"origami valentine"

Valentines Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. I think it is the card and paper lover in me! I loved making Valentine's Boxes in elementary school. I love the colors of Valentines day- Red, Pink, chocolate, lavender. So pretty. Here is a Blog Valentine for all my online friends. I made this with Origami paper, a red and white raffle ticket, and a little rhinestone. I don't do as much collage work as I used to but I love doing it.

"chef pastry foil valentine"
I also have some beautiful patchwork valentines that i made with chef pasty Foils. Sur La Table has these little chef pastry foils in all kinds of colors. I took those in pink, red and silver and made a beautiful collage with a little tag and rhinestone. When doing this is it best to use a glue stick. If you use square adhesives tabs they tend to show through. The chef pastry foils are very affordable and really very unique.

Have a happy valentines day! xoxo!

about my last post

I wanted to clarify that it isn't my birthday! I wish it was. My birthday isn't until July! I posted that picture of my 4th birthday on my previous post because I love the cake and just the overall picture! Just kind of random! That's all. I think I was trying to get across that this person I am now is who I have always been. I have always loved beauty and have been inspired by family all my life.

My "about me" page on my website kind of explains it more.
Have a lovely day!


at a young age

me on my 4th birthday with my doll cake.

Even from a young age,
i loved pink. loved fun, frilly things.
Loved buttons. loved to draw and read.
was inspired by my talented and crafty mom and grandma.
I am sure one of them made this cake
and the macrame
hanging in the background.

just thought I would share this picture today. Oh and by the way, my dad made the big birthday card that is on the table. I always consider him to be somewhat of an artist tho he would never agree with me. There is a big abstract green and yellow painting around our house somewhere that he painted long ago. I always thought that was so cool. Maybe someday we can sit down and paint together.


Pretty in Pink and The Four Seasons

pretty in pink-pictured above

pretty in pink- pictured above

the four seasons

the four seasons

This summer I met a wonderful wedding planner, Joanna Bailey and instantly felt a connection with her. She just gets it. She asked to donate some of my products to a silent auction for an event she was planning and hosting- The Susan G. Koman Fashion for the Cure Event that was held here in Denver in October. I donated two baskets of product.
One was the Pretty in Pink Basket- Full of all things pink in honor of the cause we were celebrating that night. Some of the products included were the Cupcake design, the "Chandelier Thank You" in blush, the "Gateau" note card package, the "Fifi in Paris" note card package and birthday invites and the "I am dreaming of a Pink Christmas" Holiday note cards.
The other basket was The Four Seasons. I put this together for the true paper lover with several items for each season. Spring-Nest Stickers and Happily Ever After note cards and enclosures, Summer-Dragonfly Note cards and Chandelier Soiree Invites in Golden Saffron. Autumn- the Pear Notecard and the Bee Notecard and Bee Stickers and for Winter- Very Merry and Warmest Wishes note cards. (all designs available at my website.)
I really enjoyed doing this and giving back. I had a chance to go to the event and meet a lot of great people and see some great bridal fashion. It was a lot of fun to put together these baskets and I love to do it again.
Hope you have a lovely one!


Spring Fling

Spring show display-This is from a Spring show I did a few years ago at the Spring Fling Boutique show in Denver. I love doing displays and think it really boosts sales. Often people want to buy my props as well! I don't usually part with those. I do love setting up for a show though and trying to see how I can improve each show that I do. I will be doing this show again in March. I am sharing a booth with my favorite jewel girl, Jaala.{I am wearing a necklace that she made in my profile picture} The location will be different and the booth with look a little different, I am sure but if you are in Denver, Come and enjoy! www.springflingdenver.com