A New Look!

Thanks to Jaime Beitler, my website designer, I have a whole new look on my blog that matches my website! Thanks Jaime! I love it! Jaime is the best thing that happened since sliced bread.

Just had coffee with my friend Emily this morning. She is in the process of opening her own flower business and she is just so talented. I cannot wait to share her website when it is done on my blog. She is a fellow Nebraska native but lives here in Denver. She is friends with a bunch of other creative people. It is so fun to meet people that you can just relate to so well. I have a lot of those like minded friends and have made it a point to get together with them over the last year and bounce ideas off each other and see what we can help each other with. Emily just so happens to live in my building, at my prodding, so it is easy to get together and walk down and have some coffee and chat. Stay posted for Emily's information and if you have friends that need flowers for a wedding or an event, she is fantastic! Trust me.

Bye for now.

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