Phew.... the holiday rush is over... and quite a rush it was. I am finding myself thinking about my spring shows already as my biggest and usual one occurs in March. www.springfling.com. I found this video today and thought it was perfect.... Very darling.


Watch it...I think you will love it. Especially if you are a creative soul.
I am still in the midst of winter but am thinking Spring. Nests, bridal cakes, bees with crowns, just crowns, initial letter cards (planning to work on a whole new line of note cards with initials) thinking summer with notecards featurings mermaids, ice cream cones, seashells perhaps and thinking of a fathers day design perhaps. Lots on the mind, and I just wanted to take a break in January!

I found myself watching rudolph the red nosed reindeer and I want a copy of that movie. It was the old version and it was so sweet. I want to watch it in still motion and draw the reindeer, the elves, the darling pink trees and the spotted elephant and doll in the discarded toy scene, Santa and Mrs. Santa's lavender house... so darling. I will have to revisit that next fall.

Onto Spring...


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