Where did time go?

Wow I cannot believe it is about a week away from Christmas. I have been so extremely busy, but busy is a good thing I guess! I have never had so many custom orders at one time. I am knocking them out one by one. :) Well Thanksgiving came and went. I did go to Nebraska, and it was great. Went and spent Thanksgiving afternoon with my grandma at her nursing home and my nieces and nephew performed the first act of the Nutcracker and sang songs from Annie. They are like the VonTrap Family! So funny and cute! They brought lots of joy to my Grandma and other people from the home. They even make programs with little drawings from the nutcracker of the different acts for the crowd. Each program was individually drawn. Girls after my own heart. We got to see the Nutcracker again, in its entirity later on Saturday night.
Thursday evening my mom and chef brother made us dinner. The turkey was perfect, delish root vegatables and my brother made the best mashed potatoes. I made green bean casserole and it wasn't really right, too much mushroom soup but it was still good. That was my contribution.

Friday, we watched Nebraska beat Colorado... go big red! it was a good game. We got to eat Valentinos pizza. My favorite nebraska pizza! Yum!

Saturday my sister and I got to go and do some shopping and had some appetizers at my brother's restaurant. Yum again!

Got to go to Excelsior and Scout--- two of my Lincoln stores that carry my cards. It was great to see those ladies.

Saturday night went out for a drink with my sister and brother and my brother's wife and some of my brother's crazy friends. I can see why they frequent this bar. My sister and I got a drink each, one being a martini and the tab was like $8! I am going back there again at Christmas! Very cheap!

Well the reason I bring that up is that I chose to just bring my wallet into the store instead of my big old purse. When we got back into my sister's car I threw my wallet back where my purse was. What I didn't realize is that it didn't go into my purse. Oops!

The next day everyone was leaving. My sister was driving another hour back east to Omaha and I was going west back to Colorado. I started my journey. There were very high winds and it was freezing cold. I got to a gas station about an hour west of Lincoln and realized, I DIDN'T HAVE MY WALLET! Oh crap! realizing it was probably in my sisters car which was now 2 hours away!

So I called my parents and my dad met me and gave me some cash and I was on my merry way. I basically met my dad back in Lincoln so I lost some major time. It was all okay in the end and I got my wallet back in the mail later that week.


so Now I am working on orders and will be so glad when I am done. I would like to take a week or two off in January if possible. We shall see.

I haven't started Christmas shopping and have a few functions to attend this weekend. Crossing my fingers that I get it all done~


Listening to Lenka
and some Sarah MacLachlin
and JJ Heller
have a lovely one!

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